How To Make Your Guinea Pig Happy

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A guinea pigs happiness also depends upon what he eats. Nobody not even a cavy wants to be caged up all the.

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For guinea pigs you must offer them a strict diet meal plan to avoid stomach issues in the future.

How to make your guinea pig happy. Skip to the content. Healthy guinea pigs have a steady routine throughout the day where they relax explore and eat. So lots of tunnels shoeboxes empty cardboard tubes and things like that always go down well with them.

Use positive feedback when you talk to your guinea pig. This goes on day and night. Giving them toys to play with Guinea pigs love to play around and so by putting things for them to do in their cages they will enjoy them.

A good appetite is perfectly normal and if your guinea pigs are happy they have a good appetite. Keep Your Pet Happy. You should use pet-safe cleaning materials for cleaning your guinea pig cage.

Keep Your Pet Happy. Guinea pigs or cavies are a great little pet. No guinea pig can resist a rustling paper bag.

Ways to make your guinea pigs happy1 Talk to them in an excited voice2 Feed them multiple times a day3 Re-arrange their set up4 Play5 The Mega Hiding S. This way hell get used to seeing. Make sure to change your guinea pig hay and litter every day from their cage.

Like any pet they need a certain way of caring for them and making sure they are healthy and happy. They especially love things to climb on hide in or chew on. Here are at least 7 dandy things you can do to make your guinea pig super-duper happy.

Move Him On Up to the Big Time. Be sure to give them only an adequate amount for you to monitor their food intake and avoid obesity. One of the most common signs of guinea pigs being happy is their eating habits.

Half fill a paper bag with hay or dried grass mix in some dried or fresh forage and give the whole bag to your piggies – make sure you tear off the handle first. A healthy and balanced diet improves his health and his mood. These rodents are big eaters and need to have hay portions of fresh fruit and vegetables available at all times particularly those rich in vitamin C such as celery carrots tomatoes cucumber spinach and pea pods.

Keep your guinea pigs cage in the area of your home where youre the most present. Mold can be the issue for your guinea pig. To keep your little ones happy spend some time with them every day even if its just 15-20 minutes.

Clean your guinea pig cage properly once in every week. 3 DIY Tunnels For Guinea Pig make homemade tunnels from cardboard PVC pipes and tree branch or log to make your guinea pig happy. Return things as you found them while cleaning your guinea pig cage.

Cavies can be very happy if you feed them with clean and fresh hay clean water fresh veggies fruits and healthy guinea pig pellets. Doing so aids with bonding decreases skittishness and keeps them happy. They love attention though in moderation and see petting and stroking as a reward.

I understand that there are more than five ways to make your piggies happy but I just did the. Todays video is 5 ways to make your guinea pigs happy. Happy pigs are hungry pigs.

They are very popular with younger children as a first pet and are highly intelligent. Even if you never heard of the 1980s television show The Jeffersons its time to move your guinea pig into fancier digs or at least improve what hes living in now. 3 DIY Tunnels For Guinea Pig make homemade tunnels from cardboard PVC pipes and tree branch or log to make your guinea pig happy.

As Guinea Pig are sociable pets they love being around other pets and getting another Guinea Pig will almost certainly keep your Guinea Pig happy for longer. As mentioned several times guinea pigs are social creatures. Adding a second Guinea Pig One often overlooked way to keep your Guinea Pig happy is to add another Guinea Pig playmate into their cage.

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