How To Make A Guinea Pig Happy

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Happy guinea pigs are often curious and like to stick their nose out to see if food is on its way. Its Bath TimeEvery Once In A While.

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A guinea pig really loves running along the tunnels and dont be surprised if you find him right in the middle of it having a nap.

How to make a guinea pig happy. Its better to avoid objects. They love attention though in moderation and see petting and stroking as a reward. Giving them toys to play with Guinea pigs love to play around and so by putting things for them to do in their cages they will enjoy them.

Its important to confirm that your guinea pig is simply bored and mildly depressed which can be treated with increased stimulation and socialization and not seriously ill. Be sure to give them only an adequate amount for you to monitor their food intake and avoid obesity. Lethargy and inactivity can be a sign of illness as can the refusal to eat or drink.

So lots of tunnels shoeboxes empty cardboard tubes and things like that always go down well with them. They especially love things to climb on hide in or chew on. Make sure your guinea pig is healthy.

Doing so aids with bonding decreases skittishness and keeps them happy. A guinea pig is happy if he can play and run around possibly also enjoying a few moments of freedom outside of his cage. As long as you prepare everything they need to live a fruitful life they will truly appreciate it.

In the end it doesnt take much to make a guinea pig feel comfortable and happy. Guinea pigs are curious by nature and one of the ways to know if they are happy and content is to see if they are curious about new things or not. Did you know one guinea pig needs a minimum of 75 square feet of living space to be comfortable and happy.

Guinea pigs need the right nutrition as they have a very complex digestive system. For guinea pigs you must offer them a strict diet meal plan to avoid stomach issues in the future. About every three to four months give your guinea pig a nice comfy bath.

As Guinea Pig are sociable pets they love being around other pets and getting another Guinea Pig will almost certainly keep your Guinea Pig happy for longer. Read on to find one that inspires you to create and build a lovely home for your guinea pig. With these 12 plans you can learn how to build a guinea pig cage with requirements that wont be a problem to meet.

That makes it very important for the owner to know about how to keep a guinea pig happy and healthy. Not knowing exactly how to care for your guinea pig can make it difficult for the owner to look after them. Ways to make your guinea pigs happy1 Talk to them in an excited voice2 Feed them multiple times a day3 Re-arrange their set up4 Play5 The Mega Hiding S.

Cavies can be very happy if you feed them with clean and fresh hay clean water fresh veggies fruits and healthy guinea pig pellets. Remember to always clean their cage feed them fresh veggies and show them the appreciation they deserve. To keep your little ones happy spend some time with them every day even if its just 15-20 minutes.

As mentioned several times guinea pigs are social creatures. Adding a second Guinea Pig One often overlooked way to keep your Guinea Pig happy is to add another Guinea Pig playmate into their cage. His favourite games are simple ones like tunnels and tubes.

Todays video is 5 ways to make your guinea pigs happy. I understand that there are more than five ways to make your piggies happy but I just did the. Guinea pigs have become popular pets in recent years.

If you have visitors that want to play with your guinea pig let them offer him foodthatll make them both happy.

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